Welcome to Megaeye Technology Ltd.

As a top-rated design, print and branding company and the best among any top ten list of printing companies in Ghana, Our team continues to assist companies boost their businesses by providing customized design and digital printing services tailored to meet client objectives effectively and increase revenue. We provide Printing Services such as Digital, Large format, Heat Press, Screen Printing, Embroidery and Branding. Our clients range from small-medium sized businesses and government entities both local and international. Mega Eye has a strong Knowledge base expertise in each mentioned departments, and can boast of professional jobs all across the country.

What We Do Best

  • Leave a Lasting Impression

Business Cards

Print excellent quality call cards and get value for money.Prioritize and spread the word.

  • Draw Attention to all Your Events


Print quality In & Outdoor Banners and Expose or advertise Your Brand to the world.

  • Oh Yes



Professionalism will get your that contract you aniticipated of winning all this while.

  • Imprints that Sticks with Your Client


Spread the word fast and quickly to attract your target audience and get value for money.

  • Branding is everything,Let Your Message Last


Excellence is a hallmark for winners, brand your exquisit logos and messages that will project the image of your company.

Branding & Signages

Branding & Signages

We just do not decorate; we design with a purpose in mind.We engage strategic thinking to bring your vision to life so as to position your brand above the competition.

Large Formats

Dont cut your prints manually, we have a print and cut machine purposely for that. We produce the best of quality prints on different media's such as PVC, SAV etc.

Pullup Banners